I’ve been using Meteor for many years now and no matter what other framework I try, I keep coming back to it. The reason is simple, unmatched development productivity. Somehow Meteor got a bad name for not being scalable, being slow, and only being suitable for MVP development. Fortunately that was never the case.

Meteor was never slow, wouldn’t scale or was only suitable for MVP. It’s just a framework with a personality

Perhaps it was caused due to a lack of understanding the limitations of the framework. …

We all like Galaxy, but honestly it’s an expensive wrapper on top of AWS. It somehow doesn’t feel right even though it makes live easy. At PostSpeaker we switched from a nginx setup to mup-aws-beanstalk, a Meteor-up plugin to deploy to EC2. The plugin works great, but we noticed EC2 doesn’t play that nice with Meteor (or our application). It’s kind of unreliable, too much scaling up and down, 500 alerts, etc. So we started to look again for alternatives and we knew that Digital Ocean had launched a load balancer last year, but more importantly, they’ve increased the size…

The new way of building companies is through co-creation. This shift will drastically transform consumers into co-creators, generating value for all parties involved. We plan to help speed up this process by launching Crew.

Imagine a world where we would form communities and work together to solve causes, in a permissionless and decentralised way. We would be able to join communities around causes, projects and companies we love, driven by a passion to help make impact. And all members of such communities would be able to contribute by performing and proposing tasks, or by referring people suitable for specific tasks…

Many of you content marketers wish to publish better content on a more frequent basis. In order for your content to grab your target group’s attention, paid content promotion is now a bitter necessity. What does content promotion cost, does the costs outweigh the revenues and is there a cheaper alternative to reach your target group?

Paid content promotion is known on LinkedIn as Sponsored Content. It is an excellent opportunity to reach very focused business target groups. Using Sponsored Content, your posts appear on the homepage between organic updates of connections and companies.

The downside of Content Promotion

Advertising on LinkedIn is usually more…

Facebook: The last decade, we’ve put an enormous amount of money and effort into it. We made it big together. And we made it into a worldwide success. It’s a killer medium that is unmatched when it comes down to its target audience and options. We should definitely be proud of it. And we should be allowed to call it our digital property. The only problem is, we forgot to monetize it.

All across the world, organizations have invested billions of dollars to gain followers on social media and build their audiences. It’s a huge success. So much content has…

There has never been more international interest in the Dutch elections as in 2017. The whole world was afraid that after Trump and the Brexit, the Netherlands would massively vote for extreme-right Geert Wilders.

But it didn’t happen, everybody was cheerful, thinking we defeated extreme-right by massively voting.

Except that is not the case. The real winner here is Geert Wilders and far-right (right won more seats than left, Geert Wilders won 5 seats). But it will take until the next elections of 2021 to show.

So here’s my prediction of what will happen in 2021.

2017: looking for security

The elections of 2017…

Avoid insecure warnings when loading external images over https

At Postjar we enable users to save and share web pages within a team. However, those web pages contain images that are sometimes loaded over http, while Postjar is serving https. So when those images show, you get those insecure warnings in the console, and worse, your nice little green lock in the address bar turns grey.

I’m really not an expert on this, and it’s hard to find a decent guide / info on the net how to solve this. My first take was to upload the images to S3…

Update May 26th 2016:
Added fix for Roles subscription not being ready. See part 3 for more details.

I recently switched from Iron Router to Flow Router and it’s the best decision ever. Iron Router (IR) has serious problems. I’d even go so far as to say the architecture is flawed, and the average of 270 open Git issues serve as proof that I’m not wrong.

IR has serious issue with reactivity in terms of routes re-running unpredictably, hooks not doing what they say they’re doing (like onBefore doesn’t really run before the route runs, resulting in screen flickering before…

And why its business model is evilly brilliant, Twitter is going nowhere and how you can replicate that success for your product.

Slack is a dream for every startup founder, investor and VC. It’s the fastest growing startup ever, which is amazing considering it’s a SaaS startup. And all that within its short 2 years of existence. No wonder everyone is analysing how to reproduce this success for their own startup or company.

The first analysis — Slack’s $2.8 Billion Dollar Secret Sauce — that went viral is from Andrew Wilkinson of Metalab, the design agency that helped Slack founder…

Brand’s often wonder why their engagement is so low. It even happens that fans and followers are growing, yet engagement doesn’t grow at all. This is often blamed by a lack of creating engaging content, but there is more going. Something that is very much under exposed in social media marketing: the psychology of being first.

Psychology of being first
Everybody has been in the situation that you are with a group of strangers in for example a course, meeting or class. You don’t know anybody there, neither do the other people. Such a situations often start with an awkward introduction…

Satya van Heummen

Serial founder, developer, blockchain enthousiast. I build ventures including Giveth.io, Postspeaker.com

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