Far right has won :-( — or, why you should not cheer about the Dutch elections

There has never been more international interest in the Dutch elections as in 2017. The whole world was afraid that after Trump and the Brexit, the Netherlands would massively vote for extreme-right Geert Wilders.

But it didn’t happen, everybody was cheerful, thinking we defeated extreme-right by massively voting.

Except that is not the case. The real winner here is Geert Wilders and far-right (right won more seats than left, Geert Wilders won 5 seats). But it will take until the next elections of 2021 to show.

So here’s my prediction of what will happen in 2021.

2017: looking for security

But the next 4 years, international crisis will only intensify. Climate change will bring more refuges and conflicts, the changing (economic) global landscape (Russia, Turkey, Trump, China) will pop the Dutch economic growth bubble, and artificial intelligence will start taking over the workforce resulting in more unemployment than we’ve ever seen before, as well as increasing the income gap between rich and poor.

The world is changing at rapid speed. Way faster than people can comprehend. In 2021 there will be millions of people who are scared and insecure, and those people will be looking for a conservative answer to all of this. To fight change and go back to the good old days.

Loss of the Liberals (VVD)

This can only result in loss for VVD. They will not be able to provider an as good answer to insecurity as Wilders, because VVD moved left. After 2021, it will be the end of the liberals governing.

Wilders growth spur

Depending on how many seats VVD will lose, they might govern together with Wilders. Because realistically VVD is the only party that could potentially govern with him. And in 2021, Wilders will definitely be too big to ignore.

D66 will loose

CDA, the alternative

2021: We’re not ready for change

Jesse Klaver, Groenlinks, preaching change

But unfortunately, the world is not ready for Groenlinks in 2021. We first need conflict, revolution, climate disasters, and Wilders to fuck up so badly that the masses realise we need a new approach.

The hippies didn’t come before the World Wars, they came after.

So sorry world, populism is not defeated at all. Far-right, and especially Wilders, is the true winner of the Dutch elections.

And left or right, it is inevitable. We are only at the start of being screwed. And only after will we realise we need to change fundamentally and do things differently.

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